HydrotherapyHydrotherapy Rehabilitation Pool

Hydrotherapy, as the name suggests, refers to a treatment that involves exercising in a water pool. A hydrotherapy pool is different from your typical swimming pool. The pressure, temperature, and movement of water is modified to cater to a patient’s requirements and the condition being treated. Even though hydrotherapy is usually meant for treating conditions such as arthritis and rheumatic complaints, it can also be used to improve general health and fitness, especially for athletes.

4 Key Benefits of Hydrotherapy:

Exercise physiologists and therapists frequently recommend hydrotherapy in their treatment programmes. Hydrotherapy sessions offer the following health benefits:

1. Rehabilitates Injured Muscles:

When you immerse yourself in a hydrotherapy pool, the warmth of the water will allow your muscles to relax. The increased body temperature will facilitate blood circulation, and as a result, your injured tissues and damaged muscles or joints will be healed.

2. Reduces Stress & Pain:

Warm water in a hydrotherapy pool can soothe your senses and give you great inner peace. Research also reveals that hydrotherapy instigates the release of endorphins in your body, which can effectively bring down stress and anxiety. Endorphins are also a natural pain reliever and it helps increase the range of movement of your joints.

3. Boosts Your Immunity:

Greenfield hydrotherapy is effective in improving the circulation of white blood cells. This further allows lymph (an immune system fluid) to move around the body, and clear out bacteria and other unwanted elements. Combine this result with immunity-boosting exercises, and your body will be stronger and healthier than ever.

4. Helps to Stay Active:

People who are a little unsteady on their feet will have a hard time doing regular exercises, which is when hydrotherapy can be helpful. When you are under water, the feeling of weightlessness supports your muscles, reduces tension in the limbs, and improves joint mobility. This will help you to move freely and effortlessly.

List of Conditions Hydrotherapy is Used For:

Hydrotherapy is recommended by medical professionals for the following conditions:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Muscle injury, muscle pain and soreness
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Headaches
  • Brain injuries or strokes
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Back pain
  • Hip or joint replacements
  • Stress, anxiety, and high blood pressure, and more.

What Can You Expect from A Session?

If you are recommended Greenfield physiotherapy & hydrotherapy as part of your treatment, your physiotherapist will give you a glimpse on what you’d be doing, based on your condition. As mentioned above, the exercise sessions will be in a warm water pool.

One-on-one supervision will be provided for those with serious conditions such as stroke or spinal injuries. In other cases, a professional will guide you to perform the exercises, the right way.

Hydrotherapy is proven to be beneficial for a myriad of health conditions. Contact a certified physiotherapist, if you have any questions.