Physiotherapists are trained as first point of contact practitioners. If you wish to attend physiotherapy, a referral is not needed if you will be paying as a private customer. If your physiotherapist determines that further investigation is necessary we can refer you back to your GP with a letter indicating our findings and recommendations.

You will however need a referral if you wish to attend physiotherapy as a patient covered under Work Cover NSW, Compulsory Third Party Claims (Motor vehicle accidents), Department of Veterans Affairs, and Medicare EPC Plan.

Under certain circumstances, your GP may determine that you suffer from multiple chronic health conditions and may benefit from an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC Plan). If your GP deems you to be eligible, they may provide you with a referral and a care plan that entitles you to a maximum of 5 allied health consultations per calendar year, covered by Medicare. Please note that these 5 sessions will be split among multiple allied health providers.

Yes, we have Hicaps and EFTPOS at our practice. You may claim your health cover benefit on site and pay a small gap only.

There are multiple private health cover providers, each with multiple levels of cover. If you need to know how much will be covered prior to attending, contact your private healthcare provider and they will advise you of your benefits.

Plan to arrive 5-10 mins early to your first appointment as you will need to give reception details and may need to fill out forms.

Remember to bring any referrals from your doctor and any scans you have relating to your injury. Work Cover and CTP clients will need to bring their claim numbers and insurance company details.

Wear loose comfortable clothing. Remember to wear appropriate clothing for your injury I.e. if you have a knee injury wear shorts or bring them with you.

For certain injuries your physiotherapist may need you to partially de-robe so that we can assess the area of injury accurately. On such an occasion you will be asked for informed consent, you will only ever be asked to partially de-robe, and your physiotherapist will provide you with appropriate gowns or draping so as to protect your modesty. Your physiotherapist will do their upmost best to respect your privacy and cultural boundaries.

We are currently working on NDIS registration. It is a new system, and it will take some time for many providers to understand how the system works.